Europ Electric 4 Wheels Adult car

short specification:

European popular electric 4 wheels scooter with rear basket

first choice for short distance travel within 70 km

suitable elder electric scooter

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Specification



Size specifications


colors optional


The left and right track




battery type

Lead acid battery/Lithium 60V20AH/48V20AH

brake mode

Drum brake

Max speed




Transmission mode

Differential motor



The height from the ground


MOtor power


Charge time

8-12 hours

Braking diatance


The shell material

ABS Plastic

Tire size

300-10 Vacuum/Tubeless tyre

The maximum load


Climbing degree


Gross weight


Net weight)


Packing size


Loading quantity

PCS/20FT  20units PCS / 40 HQ 44 units

Precautions for electric vehicles

① Do not try to buy modified batteries cheaply, because these batteries are reassembled with cells that have exceeded their service life;
② Do not charge at night, because charging at night is easy to overload and cause fire;
③ Charge according to the time specified in the manual, and the voltage of charger and battery shall match;
④ Don't charge the battery at home.

detail picture

electric scooter reflector display elder 4 wheel scooter

four wheels electric scooter                                      reflector in the rear tire                                                LCD display ,mirror ,throttle                                  Liftable hand rest

Customized color,rear boot, rear backrest and other equipments  ,model equipped with vacuum tyre for both front and rear side.

detail picture


Brushless permanent magnet motor

surging power, no fear of dangerous shoals

Brushless motor says goodbye to the trouble of replacing carbon brushes, which saves worry and effort. 650W 800w 1000W strong power motor is no longer worried about climbing. Applicable to rural and urban roads.

controller system

Intelligent Brushless Controller

Intelligent speed control 

prevent danger caused by excessive speed

Soft Start

Reduce instant impulse and start smoothly

 Gradient Descent

Driving downhill without sliding, constant speed control



Scooter Armrest

The thickened armrest can be lifted to facilitate getting on and off, giving you a more comfortable driving experience.The armrest can be lifted at 90 degrees, which is convenient for getting on and off, and also improves the safety

Deluxe Integrated Center Console

Easy to operate, you can understand the use method and ride within three minutes



Four Wheel Shock Absorption, Reduce Bumpiness On rough Roads

The four wheels also press the spring for shock absorption, effectively alleviating the bumps brought by the road. Stable without shock, providing comfortable riding experience for elders and children.

Optional Luxury High Back Seats

Filled with high resilience sponge, it is not easy to get tired when riding. The backrest can be adjusted back and forth to help you enter a more comfortable riding state.


Are you a factory or trader?

Yes, we are a factory with more than 40 years history and also a trader. Very experienced.

Is sample first available? Do you have models in stock?

Sample first is available and we have some models in stock for you for quick shipment, please contact us for details.

What about warranty period?

We have different guarantee period for different components. please contact us for details.

What about payment terms?

We accept T/T,L/C, Alibaba trade assurance, cash

What the process to place an order? when to deliver?

Confirm the orders, pay the deposit. Arrange production (Common products without any change usually 15 to 20 days.). pay the balance, shipment.

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