electric back to back seat scooter golf cart 4 wheels

Short Description:

1.New back-to-back off-road golf cart and leisure sightseeing electric vehicle.

2.Widened and enlarged vacuum tire.Aluminum alloy wheel hub.

3.Ultra high performance off-road shock absorber.



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Model Q8-2
Size specifications 2420*1150*1770mm
colors optional Optional
The left and right track 950mm
Voltage 60V
The optional battery type 60V52AH/60V80AHoption
brake mode drum/discoption
Shork absober 310 hydraulic
Max speed 25KM/h
Hub Aluminum
Transmission mode gear
Wheelbase 1385mm
The height from the ground 125mm
MOtor power 1000W
Controller Specifications 24tube
Charge time 8h
Braking diatance ≤5m
The shell material ABS
Tire size 450-10
The maximum load 280Kg4 person
Climbing degree ≤ 15℃
Gross weight 300Kg
Net weight 260kg
Packing size 2550*1250*1300mm
Loading quantity 4PCS/20FT 16PCS/40HQ

Product Details


This model equip with automobile high brightness headlamp The high and low beams can be adjusted freely, making driving at night more convenient and safe.Three in one rear tail lamp, with three functions of braking, steering and driving


rear light
electric back to back seat scooter(1)


The back to back seat design is fashionable and beautiful, suitable for sightseeing and golf courses. The cushion is made of highly resilient sponge, which makes the body feel more comfortable. The armrest design conforms to ergonomics, which is convenient and comfortable for better riding experience.

direction device


This car is equipped with a steering wheel, which is more familiar to people who are used to driving. More flexibility.The steering wheel is equipped with multi-function buttons such as horn and turn light, which makes operation more convenient.


  1. Charging method for electric vehicle placement

Even if you don't ride an electric car, the battery will discharge.After the battery is fully discharged, it shall be charged in time. It is forbidden to put the battery aside for a long time to prevent over discharge, which may lead to failure to charge in the later period. Many electric cars will basically be discharged within a week or two. Therefore, in order to protect the battery, it should be charged once a week or two without cycling. The specific charging interval depends on the discharge speed of the tram battery. When you go out for a year and a half and no one uses the car at home, you'd better remove the wiring of the battery pack, or at least the negative wiring, so as to slow down the slow discharge of the battery and protect the battery.

The battery shall not be in a state of discharge or insufficient charging for a long time, otherwise it will affect the capacity and service time of the battery. Whether the use and maintenance of the battery is reasonable or not is closely related to the service life of the battery

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Yes, we are a factory with more than 40 years history and also a trader. Very experienced.

Is sample first available? Do you have models in stock?

Sample first is available and we have some models in stock for you for quick shipment, please contact us for details.

What about warranty period?

We have different guarantee period for different components. please contact us for details.

What about payment terms?

We accept T/T,L/C, Alibaba trade assurance, cash

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Confirm the orders, pay the deposit. Arrange production (Common products without any change usually 15 to 20 days.). pay the balance, shipment.

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