Heavy Loading Electric Motorcycle Cargo Tricycle

Short Description:

1.Electric three wheels heavy loading pick up cargo tricycle
2.Lift cargo box, the box size 1500*1000*300mm
3.loading capacity around 500kg with 1000W motor.
4.Max speed could be around 35km/h.
5.Equiped with LED headlight,3 level speed and gearshift,very suitable for rough road and farmland
6.If SKD ,packed into steel frame,could load 44pcs/40HC container,55-60pcs CKD/ 40HC container.

Product Detail

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Product Specification

Overall Dim (mm) 2945×1050×1365
Cargo box size(mm) 1500×1000×300
Weight(Without battery/kg) 200
Rated Loading Capacity(kg) 500kg
Range/Charge (km) 55
Max Speed(km/h) 30-35
Motor 60V800W 1000W Differential Motor with hand gear shifting
Controller 18 tubes
Front fork Φ37
Front Wheel 3.50-12
Rear Wheel 3.75-12
Grade ability(%) 20% empty load, 12% full load
Brake 110 drum brake
Charging time 6-8 h


tricycle headlight                   cargo seat                   controller box                   license light

cargo tricycle headlight                                      cargo pick up seat and hand rest                                     controller and Junction box                                         License light

tool seat box                   shift level                   motor engine                   battery tank

seat tool box and backup battery compartment      shift lever and parking brake                 motor engine 500W 650W 800W 1000W 1200W               battery tank battery depression bar

electric tricycle_副本
cargo pick up01

Professional Cargo Electric Tricycle

The electric cargo tricycle  is equipped with multi-function controller, super power motor, climbing gear change, and optional soft start function. Durable and cost-effective.

Shock Absorption

Front wheel hydraulic damping. Compact structure, strong corrosion resistance. High damping force, low friction. the front tire could also equip with outside spring. When the load is light, the spring shock absorption functions to improve the comfort. Spring shock absorption and internal hydraulic shock absorption function simultaneously to improve the bearing capacity

factory (9)
tricycle headlight

Highlight  Headlight Guided Terk

Energy saving, environmental protection, stability, durability, high brightness, long range.Illumination without delay.



We often hear some news about the fire and explosion of electric vehicle batteries. In fact, 90% of this situation is due to the improper operation of users, while only about 5% is due to quality. In this regard, professionals said that when using electric vehicle batteries, we must remember the common sense of use, so as to use them safely and for a long time.

No matter how much electricity is consumed after each use, lead-acid batteries should be sufficient, which is beneficial to the factory inspection of battery life. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a state of sufficient power, and it is best to charge it once a month.



We start export business since 2014 with name of Xuzhou Join New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. To focus on integrating R&D, production and sales of electric vehicles.

Our three wheelers are stable and quiet while riding. They are very suitable for elder people and people with balance and mobility difficulties.

Some models are equipped with powerful motors, suitable for short trips of carrying goods in households, warehouses, stations and ports.We are looking for overseas distributors and agents for our products.

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