Four basic knowledge of safe use of batteries

We often hear some news about the fire and explosion of electric vehicle batteries. In fact, 90% of this situation is due to the improper operation of users, while only about 5% is due to quality. In this regard, professionals said that when using electric vehicle batteries, we must remember the common sense of use, so as to use them safely and for a long time.

1.Enough space when charging
When charging the battery, we must choose a wide space, not in the narrow and sealed environment such as storage room, basement and alley, which can easily lead to battery explosion, especially some electric vehicle batteries with poor quality may cause spontaneous combustion and explosion due to the escape of combustible gas.So choose a wide space for battery charging, and a wide and cool place especially in summer.

2.Check the circuit frequently
Whether the circuit or terminal of the charger should be checked frequently to see if there is corrosion and fracture. In case of aging, wear or poor contact of the line, it must be replaced in time and do not continue to use, so as to avoid contact point fire, power string accident, etc.

3.Reasonable charging time

4.No rush when driving
The behavior of super speed is very harmful to the battery .If you over speed, when encountering pedestrians or traffic lights and other obstacles, emergency braking is required, and the electric energy consumed by re accelerating after emergency braking is quite large, and the damage to the battery is also very large.


Post time: Aug-12-2022


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