Don’t let the charger ruin your good quality electric car battery

1.Poor quality charger will damage the battery and shorten the service life of the battery
Generally, the service life of ordinary batteries is two to three years. However, if some inferior chargers are used, it will cause damage to the battery and eventually shorten the service life.

2.Mismatched electric vehicle battery chargers can also easily lead to insufficient charging.
Electric vehicle batteries rely on the chemical reaction of the battery to charge and discharge. The more thorough the reaction, the more charging, the cleaner the discharge, and the larger the capacitance. Naturally, the endurance capacity is higher. Because the incomplete reaction will lead to the deactivation of some electrode crystals, which will reduce the capacitance and reduce the endurance. Over time, the battery will be seriously damaged and eventually reduce its service life.

3.Poor quality charger is also easy to cause battery short circuit and burn the battery.
According to incomplete statistics, every year, 5% of users will catch fire or scrap their batteries due to improper charging, and most users use miscellaneous batteries rather than batteries with informal configuration. However, some users have to choose non brand chargers because they can't find suitable after-sales retail outlets. Therefore, it is suggested that when purchasing, we must choose brands with more retail outlets.


The electric vehicle market has been open for many years, and the development situation of the industry is very good, but because of this, the problems encountered by consumers in the use of the process are constantly emerging, and the most headache for consumers is the use of electric vehicle batteries, because improper use of it may bring you the potential danger of "self-immolation" if you are not careful, which makes you feel shocked. Many people who do not know the truth believe that this is caused by the irresponsibility of the manufacturer's production of inferior batteries, in fact, seventy percent of the electric vehicle battery fire has nothing to do with the quality of the manufacturer's product, but it is related to the user's charging behavior, and the most reflective of the consumer's charging behavior is the charger.
Speaking of chargers, many people may wonder, what is the impact of such a small thing on the battery fire of electric vehicles? In fact, the impact is very large. Now there are many electric vehicle battery brands in the market, and there are also many retail outlets that sell these chargers, and the chargers they sell are mixed and flooded, and many rural users will only choose to be cheap when they buy, without considering other factors, so what they buy is often low quality or not applicable.

Take our commonly used lead-acid battery, in the lead-acid battery charging process, is the electrolyte, positive and negative lead plate to cooperate with the process, we are charging, the positive and negative pole pencil produced lead sulfate in the charging is decomposed and reduced to sulfuric acid, lead and lead oxide, so that the concentration of the electrolyte in the battery will increase in charging, with the proportion of the electrolyte rises, slowly return to the concentration before discharge, so that the active substance in the battery is restored to the state of being able to re-supply, so that the electric vehicle charging, The process of storing electricity, this process is a complete charging process.

Post time: Apr-22-2022


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