electric delivery motorcycle two wheels

Short Specification:

Motor:  60V800W1000W1200W
Controller: 60V12tubes
Battery: 60V20AH
Overall Dim (mm): 1805*725*1095mm
Max Speed(km/h): 43km/h
Brake system: Disc/Drum(F/R)
Front and Wheel: 3.0-10tubeless
Charging time(H): 6-8h
Loading capacity(kg): 200kg
Max.Range per Charge: 70km
Container capacity(SKD): 78 pcs /40′HQ

Product Detail

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Double Disc Brake System, Stable Braking

The disc brake Shorten braking distance and improve braking sensitivity when driving. Enhance the friction with the ground, and upgrade the safety performance.

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LED High Light Headlight

LED side reflective headlight, All the lights in the scooter are LED. bright light source, clear vision at night, smooth riding on the whole road.


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powerful electric motorcycle
battery motorcycle

Rear Rack

The rack of the electric scooter could be both a goods shelf or a basket.

if you have delivery needs,you can choose the goods shelf .

we can also customized the rear rack into the one you want according to your needs.

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Shock Absorption

The scooter equip with both spring and Hydraulic damping in the front and rear side .that make you more comfortable  when driving.  no matter city road or rough country  road ,all easy going.

motor engine


Integrated hub motor



  1. Enough space when charging

When charging the battery, we must choose a wide space, not in the narrow and sealed environment such as storage room, basement and alley, which can easily lead to battery explosion, especially some electric vehicle batteries with poor quality may cause spontaneous combustion and explosion due to the escape of combustible gas.So choose a wide space for battery charging, and a wide and cool place especially in summer.

  1. Check the circuit frequently

Whether the circuit or terminal of the charger should be checked frequently to see if there is corrosion and fracture. In case of aging, wear or poor contact of the line, it must be replaced in time and do not continue to use, so as to avoid contact point fire, power string accident, etc.

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