4 wheels electric two seat 4 passengers scooter

Short Description:

1. 4 wheels electric scooter with 2 passenger seats for scenic spot

2. somtimes we can equiped with awning for it ,it is for rainning days

and could be warmer in winter

3. This model use steering wheel,looks more fashionable

4. there is a luggage rack above the roof,could hold some goods when you out for short travel

Product Detail

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Product Specification

Model Q7
Size specifications 2250*900*1760mm
colors optional option
The left and right track 700mm
Voltage 60V
The optional battery type 60V/20AH/ 60V/35AHoptional
brake mode drum/disc
Shock-absorbing size model 240
Max speed 25KM/h
Hub Aluminium
Transmission mode gear
Wheelbase 1565mm
The height from the ground 120mm
MOtor power 800W
Controller Specifications 18
Charge time 8h
Braking diatance ≤5m
The shell material ABS
Tire size 100/90-8
The maximum load 280kg
Climbing degree ≤15℃
Gross weight 200
Net weight 198kg
Packing size 2245*940*1200steel frame
Loading quantity 12PCS/20FT 26PCS/40HQ

Product function introduction:

The ceiling is made of ABS military plastic, with high impact strength; Good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. The car baking paint is bright and fadeless; The front seat can move forward and backward, suitable for all body types; The front and rear roof luggage racks can prevent the safety and convenience of articles. The instrument panel is set inside, which can drain water cups and other sundries. New technology and new materials are adopted, and the classic quality of the whole vehicle is perfectly matched with the after-sales parts. The car is not afraid of rain and snow, but cannot wade in the water;

headlight_副本             S8 Q7 DISPLAY_副本

Big double LED headlight,very bright at night. there are two turning light in the side                LCD display with speed,Power display and Driving mileage also equip with a video with USB charging plug

there is also a parking brake below the power lock

throttle_副本             roof_副本


Foot accelerator and foot brake inside of handbrake and hand throttle                                            equip with a luggage rack above the roof for short travlling

charging socket_副本              Clearance lamp_副本

Charging socket for different kind of chargers                                                                                                                                             Flash lamp below the steering wheel

loading 4_副本 loading3_副本

We packed this model into steel frame in two levels like pictures above,you can choose colors that you are interested in, just need send color card to us

We can also provide customized service for logos and other things needed.



Charging method for electric vehicle placement

Even if you don't ride an electric car, the battery will discharge.After the battery is fully discharged, it shall be charged in time. It is forbidden to put the battery aside for a long time to prevent over discharge, which may lead to failure to charge in the later period. Many electric cars will basically be discharged within a week or two. Therefore, in order to protect the battery, it should be charged once a week or two without cycling. The specific charging interval depends on the discharge speed of the tram battery. When you go out for a year and a half and no one uses the car at home, you'd better remove the wiring of the battery pack, or at least the negative wiring, so as to slow down the slow discharge of the battery and protect the battery.

The battery shall not be in a state of discharge or insufficient charging for a long time, otherwise it will affect the capacity and service time of the battery. Whether the use and maintenance of the battery is reasonable or not is closely related to the service life of the battery

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