electric pedal bike two wheels scooter

Short Specification:

Model: YAZHI-S
Motor: 48V350W
Controller: 48V6tube
Range/Charge (km): 45-75KM
Battery : 48V20Ah/12Ah
Overall Dim (mm): 1460*635*995mm
Max Speed(km/h): 25km/h
Front fork : hydraulic
Brake system: Drum(F/R)
Front /Rear Wheel : 2.5-14 tubeless
Charging time(H): 4-6H
Loading capacity(kg) : 200kg
Container capacity(SKD): 150pcs /40′HQ

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Product Specification

Motor 48V350W
Controller 48V6tube
Range/Charge (km) 45-75KM
Battery 48V20Ah
Overall Dim (mm) 1460*635*995mm
Max Speed(km/h) 25km/h
Front fork hydraulic
Brake system Drum(F/R)
Front /Rear Wheel 2.5-14 tubeless
Charging time(H) 4-6H
Loading capacity(kg) 200kg
Container capacity(SKD) 150pcs /40'HQ

detail picture

electric scooter overall size

headlight and front basket               LCD display               throttle

scooter front basket   LED head light                                                                           LCD display                                                                                                         throttle and brake bar


rear tire              rear suspension                rear light

rear part of scooter                                                                                               rear suspension                                                                               rear brake light,driving light and reflector

detail picture

front tire

Drum/Disc Brake System, Stable Braking

This scooter could equip with both drum brake and disc brake.Shorten braking distance and improve braking sensitivity. Enhance the friction with the ground, and upgrade the safety performance.

electric cheap scooter

Hydraulic Shock Absorption, Comfortable Riding

Front double tube hydraulic damping,rear hydraulic damping with spring. Double damping hydraulic shock absorption, motorcycle racing technology. Stronger shock absorption, stronger rebound, and smooth road surface

rear suspension
electric 2 wheel scooter

Soft Cushion, Double Comfort

Highly resilient sponge, professionally thickened, makes people feel tired after sitting for a long time.

Big LCD Display, Clear Information At a Glance

Delicate graphic design, showing driving information in detail. It can still be seen in sunny and strong light

LED High Light Headlight

LED side reflective headlight, bright light source, clear vision at night, smooth riding on the whole road



Packing & Shipping 

Seven layer corrugated paper boxes or external corrugated paper internal iron frames are usually used for packaging during shipment. It can not only protect vehicles from collision, but also facilitate loading and unloading.We can also provide CKD condition to load more in a container.Bulk trading customers can choose the full disassembly mode to load containers, saving production and transportation costs.

We have a professional loading team to ensure safe and accurate packing and loading.Reasonably help you make plans for the product quantity and give scheme for your container loading.



Charging method for electric vehicle placement

Even if you don't ride an electric car, the battery will discharge.After the battery is fully discharged, it shall be charged in time. It is forbidden to put the battery aside for a long time to prevent over discharge, which may lead to failure to charge in the later period. Many electric cars will basically be discharged within a week or two. Therefore, in order to protect the battery, it should be charged once a week or two without cycling. The specific charging interval depends on the discharge speed of the tram battery. When you go out for a year and a half and no one uses the car at home, you'd better remove the wiring of the battery pack, or at least the negative wiring, so as to slow down the slow discharge of the battery and protect the battery.

The battery shall not be in a state of discharge or insufficient charging for a long time, otherwise it will affect the capacity and service time of the battery. Whether the use and maintenance of the battery is reasonable or not is closely related to the service life of the battery

Are you a factory or trader?

Yes, we are a factory with more than 40 years history and also a trader. Very experienced.

Is sample first available? Do you have models in stock?

Sample first is available and we have some models in stock for you for quick shipment, please contact us for details.

What about warranty period?

We have different guarantee period for different components. please contact us for details.

What about payment terms?

We accept T/T,L/C, Alibaba trade assurance, cash

What the process to place an order? when to deliver?

Confirm the orders, pay the deposit. Arrange production (Common products without any change usually 15 to 20 days.). pay the balance, shipment.

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